resurrection leg guard
resurrection leg guard
resurrection leg guard
resurrection leg guard
resurrection leg guard
resurrection leg guard

resurrection leg guard

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leg guards for baseball and softball | imagined by ✘ 

Imagined by the Nashville-based award-winning artist, X, baseball and softball leg guards have been reimagined as art and crafted to the world's best baseball and softball player's protective needs.

The design: Portraying the neatly folded cloth left in Jesus tomb to signify He will be back, while showing the blood of Jesus as a reminder of what was sacrificed.
Featuring a duel layered sponge absorption mesh lining, reinforced vegan leather ice cream drip, stitched shamrocks and an enhanced elastic strap for a solid fit.

Our protective gear warranty covers sliding mitts, elbow guards and shin guards.

Warning: This equipment may be used to help in preventing or reducing the extent of an injury. No equipment can guarantee player safety when participating in sporting or other events. This equipment carries no such guarantees. 

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Whether you're a seasoned vet, just starting out, or someone looking to gift the player in your life - choosing the right glove size / web combination can feel complicated. 

Using the baseball and softball glove size chart to find the perfect fit will help you avoid common mistakes. For example, a glove that is too loose can slip off the wrist on a diving play, while a glove that is too small and tight can feel restrictive.

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what our pros wear

jazz chisholm jr. infield glove size 

Featuring 11.5" I-web Cookies & Cream

infield glove size 11.5" jazz chisholm jr.


jazz chisholm jr. outfield glove size 

Featuring 12.75 H-Web Prince Jazz signature RARE edition model. 

Jazz's rotation in the outfield also includes the Strawberry Ice Cream Glove or Banana glove.


country music star jelly roll infield glove size 

Featuring 11.75 H-Web Bible glove.


team usa star sahvanna jaquish infield softball glove size 

Featuring 11.5" I-web Strawberry Ice Cream glove.

softball glove size



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Grant G
The Best!!

This leg guard is awesome, super comfortable and drippy.

Wendy Thomson
Stunningly beautiful

My gosh do my boys look amazing in their gear. I just love the detail, workmanship and the touch of uniqueness.
Wendy from South Africa

Cal Hayes

Super drippy and comfortable

Cindy Blevins
Resurrection leg guard

I love the leg guard it is very comfortable and good looking.

Keith Steele
Awesome product

My boys love the resurrection line. They look fantastic and I couldn’t be happier! We Will absolutely be ordering more products.